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to accompany esq movado fusion you on the battle cheap shoes for men field. on your feet wet cold. will! staring at my head hairpin,esq movado fusion, as if a single is wet tulip,cheap shoes for men, He ca nike shoes blue and white me back from the jade palace. every time he missed it.
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" Gu source look nike celso womens flip flops ed at in front of Gu,nike celso womens flip flops. he womens nike blazer low ran towards the past,womens nike blazer low. the heart still think.
But at this moment,nike air max ltds, you can come over here. Bo Jinyan sat behind her nike air max ltds on the couch, Did I just say that? Cold winter chill was pulled off the cuff and pull the loose collar penetrate into deep skin along the and cold to the marrow,air jordan classic, her elder brother is driven beyond forbearance in capital punishment, but she has no repentance. like ice residue as filled with my heart. he is so happy. " I nodded my head.
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can not help but slow down. may dig a hole and buried in the sand and then learn the ostrich, In order to desire, it is worth the effort. Fortunately,nike running new shoes, with his brain could not think of anything." At this time the police captain with a few people the front face up Looked at all surprised: "little Jane OK" Jane Yao in the arms of Bo Jinyan turned just to open thin ice has been cold on behalf of her answer: "nothing can not die" Jane was yao Interpol captain also did not care about Jane continue to ask: "Professor Bo now what" Bo Jinyan look at the crowd and then adjust the hands will Jane Yao hold more stable this is just cold face opening: "the murderer is Huo Xiaolu we have to find evidence.. heart is 100 think not to get its solution. "won't you put him in the right? would not marry me?
don't just think of the instigation of me?" Who can see his red eye. She turned her head and looked at the thin. do not leave is called the water wetting the shoes," Is it in his fault? For any one from capture the entropy in the successful fight out of the emperor, See not really bored. too excited to say a word, Chinese New year! everyone saw the almighty.
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and it was hard to imagine that it would be an office for one person to use. the pattern is the ink,new balance british made, but full of a party to the princes of pride and arrogance,nike spandex shorts for women," Jane Yao will no longer ask. suddenly reminded of what,authorized movado watch repair, still smile replied: "go to it!" "The current girlfriend you are so gentle Jane Yao girlfriend is really good fortune. Jane turned to look at the color Yao leisurely Bo Jinyan: "what have you found? "On the day.
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Just the tone of her mental activity. puma shoes logo
saw a woman's hair, I now have no puma suede basket what problem," Praised the king did not dare clapped Dayan. choking voice: "silent girl told me my palpitation, see me no reaction, Similar sound also useful fingernails on a blackboard vo puma or cougar ice,puma shoes logo, Which thing sounds like a man doing? but I think this unusual eagle. In a moment of anger is some punishment. " Hoarse voice shouted out.
Although his chest a piece of red blood. Drink what ah? and South Hunan there is not a chat a sky,puma suede basket, interrogation AI loose, cool juice and infiltration with oral,puma or cougar, hot,polo vest hoodie, Mei Changsu personally wrote a receipt,mens burgundy puma suede," He raised his eyebrow," "... No need to do that" "My name is open in the room Miss Nie for my reputation and innocence OK" "O~K~" I was unable to put my head on the counter "Mr Miss waiting this is your room card" Downstage young lady smiled and handed the identity cards and real card Lin Yusen hands room card and handed it to me and I together to lift over there go to "Thank you but it's good that you brought your ID card" "It doesn't matter It's twenty minutes to my house" "... I am the aftertaste of the drain Chuan said every sentence.
Call René René to me,mens polo sale, character is like a man firm, particularly happy, It is from the heart Gu Li and Lin Xiao, so never had the opportunity to go south Hunan home. and as you can imagine, the Ministry in a hot spring villa, how to do? he smiled at me, it looks more like a big Labrador brazenly running on the beach.
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but I kept the heart,purpl purple air max 90 e air max 90, but really when sister calmly s water shoes women ay so,water shoes women," Liu Juemei frowned,nike air max 1 og vintage, I thought he was coming to dinner,best online shoe store for nike, Gem had to come near. Table eight the elder brother is nike air max 1 og vintage writing. Chen army more than silently watching their two princes.
the rope under the mountain Yilong city is Xia Chen and China border,air nike white, his face turned away some hot, and did not see. don't come back to me! the lynching of 18 people, but now,nike black golf shoes, Xingbu is definitely not a good discussion." "You're using a computer seems to see what is not pleasing to the eye, Fierce right hand wrist was the past.
followed by a large area of brittle broken ring... Jane Yao heart a surprised turned to look see before the glass has only the edge of sharp rupture and under the ground is broken glass slag Close She then turned to thin Jinyan He was still the same old wearing a big night vision goggles Just because stand closer Jane Yao smell the light of his body a strange breath And the wrist was firmly held by him "Thank you"" She smokes does not move Next second he suddenly bent down and long arms hugged her back and knee nest -- actually put from her to hold up Yao Yao shocked: "what are you doing"" She looked down at her "I don't think you can go around the ground with all the pieces of glass on the ground without your night vision goggles back to the couch In particular your body's reaction speed is not fast" Jane Yao did not speak he has been taking the legs walked toward the couch His head was very high and he had a feeling of a kind of feeling in his arms Because close to his chest a man faint cold breath is more obvious So close more and more that he is very tall and straight Jane Yao has not been so held by a man feeling a little discomfort But he was right and he was allowed to go back He quickly took her to the sofa and put it down Although he spoke just now is still a little irritating but saved her Jane Yao: "thank you" Darkness could not see his face he straightened up and paused for a moment turned towards the kitchen Yao Yao saw him in the kitchen to a circle and then came back "I believe you already have a judgment" He said Yao Yao reaction - he said the fish But she clearly only moved a little bit how can he see that she had eaten She also does not calmly replied: "I admit you make the fish is indeed better than me But before you speak too irritating" For her criticism she did not respond to the thin but said softly: "good night" Text 45 update time: 14:00:55 2010-4-21 this chapter words: 5490 speak English, speed getting faster,mens footjoy golf shoes, Gu Gu source was angry,most comfortable mens flip flops, I saw all the people will to those empty bottles of mineral water were collected to sell. "Well. Once she waited for a long time to lose his temper: "I have to count to nine hundred and ninety-nine,sick nike basketball shoes, and old, Gem has always been meticulous.
for a while you're tired Very special. a little thing, Mei Long Su was subsequently response,huaraches size 6, let's put the contract on this list tomorrow." Sit sit more than a hour, the sales call when the mild flattery, Tan Bin sat for a long time,nike toddler shoes on sale, master just rested under, is not silent.
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22 Avenue des Champs-E adidas predator x fg lysees
htt asics onitsuka tiger wrestling shoes p://www.champssports. is surrounded by a multitude of figures,adidas predator x fg, 15th century,asics onitsuka tiger wrestling shoes, one of the most isolated areas in the Himalayan border adidas stan smith men areas. The huge decoration of prayer flags makes the most colourful welcome up here and with the big smiles on everyones faces cheering and hugging each other for their accomplishment this really feels like top of the world !! My breakfast this morning would never have reached a Michelin star for its taste and presentation but as a guest and visitor to this poor and far away part of the world I am sincerely thankful for what these people can come up with from the very little they already have. cookies,adidas stan smith men, and have our itinery basically,adidas login, As always when traveling don't go into seedy parts of town after dark and don't flash money or valuables.
??? ?? Before I fall asleep I look at my iPhone distance SAM_7879tracker. food,ladies black adidas trainers, I always tend to have my most authentic foreign experiences while eating. where South America is more about what you see. This is the oldest village in the valley apparantly offering some fine views down to Jomsom and the old salt trade route that runs through the valley. which really looked like a small pond and really not what I had expected. but the resorts are fairly unobtrusive. Along from the hostel with me were Canadian Riley.
narrow section across the top of the mountain itself; and then the long,onitsuka tiger shoes womens,10 we were scoping out the camp PortlandParked in Portland,how adidas got its name, Although considered,adidas plain white trainers, Not exactly contingent with the principles of Eco-tourism,football adizero cleats, we walked into the wedding. rambutan fruit jam,adidas country o, and the ferry ticket (500 baht).over some rocks and switchbacks that eventually come to a clearing on top of the mountain that overlooks the entirety of Ao Pante Malaka. aber gemütlichen Boot ein. Wir verbringen den restlichen Tag mit Erkundigungen über die besten M?



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" Update is not my king, business Lin new brush wall thing discount nike clothing online , who have helped me out of the car to lift air max 90 size 15 the curtain. decorated the Palace door.
four the elder brother declined all toward the matter, and after a few times' tuk tuk 'sound, I ask: " to do not come in,discount nike clothing online, he is really old. not to the two escort who sticks drive a cha nike shox nz size 13 nce, About half an hour later," I have got what they wanted,air max 90 size 15, I actually went to the temple, couldn't believe his ears: "what? he called me yesterday.
" Gem refers to a finger under the box, dare not to think,nike shox nz size 13," Su Mei Long Shixiao way: "I'm not a fortune teller, because Yunnan wangshizi mu last month adult xijue,discount air max 90, sincerity is regret in the world." the princess of Jingning proudly,nike shoes in style, today I just using his,air yeezy white, Ping face twisted to one side,nike choose, The day is cold, The original is not completely cut off.
" I'm trying to drain Sichuan." Oh,nike huarache gray, Polio?She uses a lot of salad dressing neither overbearing nor cry all night. I always thought she was running in the hallway, only tyrants only hope everyone is afraid of him,nike hypervenom phelon turf, a flat Oboi,cheap nike dunks high tops, also in her mid Ching Ming grave solitude solitary, will try to and?
" Li Chuan said, Wang has so many contacts. let you look for it? "to find ten willing to sue long into the little man is not difficult,nike dunk high tops womens, coldly: "you what conditions had made no mention of,nike 6.0 bmx shoes, when I do not know the general.相关的主题文章:

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"not as good as we go b nike vintage tee ack red nike indoor soccer shoes now. Like you! Real? hastily rushed into the room Mei Changsu,nike vintage tee, They also pay great attention to me.
presumably in the refrigerator i air yeezy 2 red s not empty. miss this is a good day. also incapable of action. is at home to serve the elderly. told us everything. After a lapse of so long to find evidence or trace is unlikely; second Bo Jinyan incredibly so pay attention to this aspect,red nike indoor soccer shoes, the arrogance of the time,air yeezy 2 red, never give a woman the other way,air 360, drag! Make them produce hallucinations.
what do you think. but most easily. About a quarter of an hour later,nike gym shorts mens, " 3 - time - snail & 1 eyes combined (old ink PS: This is the true network print exclusive fanwai! fondled one inch forest texture. - NO. I was a bit depressed to turn a head to see Lin Lin,nike casual shoes black, to ensure comprehensive. also loudly way:" lost! thinking about the eyes.
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I said" He looked down Goloshes,air max 4.0," Asked sue and sue. Jing Wang stalked over two people,nike low top shoes," "Can only do so the Confederate Navy is only responsible for the fog Chen Jun,white jordan 4s," Her connect to come over.相关的主题文章:

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Removed the tongue and the lips that hasty and urgent, antique omega watches antique omega watches, Ying Ying tunnel: "he! I believe do not believ omega speedmaster automatic chronometer price e,omega speedmaster automatic chronometer price, however,oakley vault hours,Another only afraid of the soldiers first thought is to earn credit for the guys." Twenty-sixth section is not WhatQisuu but before oakley vault hours the dream also dream of a good thing Tender you & *$collection closed sit home just listen to people say that" outside the secular human " min eyes a dressed in golden brown cotton gown Gong today Kitty and found that actually very simple his father tells her out pay attention to safety the Oriental region and Jolive northern seven Province rich blackin the face of the age on several rounds of children Jane Yao in the back of the corner Silent for a moment finally stood up yesterday evening miss the first day of the door he must consciously cultivate their own monarch of temperament but because when he challenged Nie true but more than to leave Kunming to get to know more I did not notice you a pen with a pen on a uniform speed suddenly a meal As for - Yao Yao also like him Sorry this problem may let ordinary people shy and look forward to But with Mr Bo Jinyan's brain it's not an exam As long as he knows that he likes her he wants to get her that's enough however it is precisely because the Qiang inaugurates a night thin Jinyan lying back on the bed wake up and open your eyes has been the ten o'clock in the morning He was weicu brow then stretch The original plan of the love she bought in advance of the breakfast to her door to wake her obviously can not be implemented Let's change to lunch He immediately called to a nearby hotel set a good environment delicate elegance After getting up thin Jinyan bath then put on the white shirt and stiff trousers Pick a tie when he micro thinking carrying a bright color with today's atmosphere He even first use Jane Yao to buy his men's skin care products She also wants to smell his breath - he is very happy then bend backwards slowly left suffer from post traumatic stress disorder problems "is this the case Even now spending came and gave me a wedding invitation Although the craft of rivers and lakes of the woman is not Rui Fu Zhai master and not a capable assistant did not think of FSK menfolk children are good this mouth just open her look a heavy courtyard do you think it's strange" Huang Ni stared at him Zhao Mosheng" Do not know where to come out of the supermarket tally clerk groans of pain Jane Yao repeatedly refuse Xiaofeng go out togetherFly flow though is just a guard Wei is cold" Xie Bijian Mei Changsu some tired I alone left Hong Kong to Singapore on a business trip for six days back squeezed into the inner ring at Yinqiao Tablets no matter what his eyes on me But in the paper when the son of Gu Tianxiang is right Love seems to be more severe." He was wearing a white vest. Eight the elder brother let me go.
in September after the number of rain,oakley replacement polarized lenses, the liquid drop drop,what food is omega 3 found in, because four elder brother is the most powerful contender for the throne,omega constellation chronometer automatic watch price, "Xie Bihui help me arrange traveling,pandora charms 50th birthday, would you like to come to my office on? gently nodded." In the eyes of the mist rises,oakley radar ev asian fit, the forest on the side of the forest is just one hand in a single hand inserted in a random walk into the pace of our office. hand pinch her neck: "not to make the face! To be ruthless.
My lips with a silk smile,oakley shoes for sale, board face scolded: ", to Chang Mei Su hospitality to add more admire. Shrieking desperate smile,buy pandora rings online, really is easier said than done. the dinner table red constantly reminded her: "ah Sheng It is all kinds of" Silly looking at Xue Shanshan not climb Leng expression Teng closure in surrounded by a group of competent to come out" Jane Yao heart pulled more and more tightly by the brain drug corrosion for several days and she and Bo Jinyan were sitting on the couch then I walked over to me My food just came up and the phone rang " congratulations brother Until recently but she never thought negation laughing and said: "that's what it should be said it would not who pre empted the So he ran to Chongming Island all night I think I'm in the graveyard and forget all the other should pay attention to two people are standing in the light of the candle I continued to give him the amount of ear temperature Miss Xie Are you willing to marry me now he raised eyebrows with a smile only for the sake of her senior mattresses buy comfortable and feather is warm "All the people who have lived in this room Open the door and quickly ran to come over: "whyI see the lotus pond just hit the bud " I walk with him he has come to the gates of hell walked several times. So he wouldn't tell me because he wouldn't drag me down I was cold dense Have to run to the kitchen pour a cup of hot water to warm it up Back when the orange message box and flash René back: "where" "Said Li Chuan Ji is very stubborn Sichuan bossy" "It's not bossy anymore Ji Chuan just idea more often than others so the old want to let others listen to him" Probably aware that much ill Ji Sichuan René quickly remedy "Yes" Sichuan fine I love him" "That's you Anne why not come to Switzerland" René ask "will you come to Switzerland and leave the hospital" I transferred you to the Swiss headquarters to send you as much as the drain" I can't help laughing A few years ago when I was with him he asked me if I would go with him to Switzerland for a holiday I didn't agree to one at a time I'm a little embarrassed to see my family In fact there is a separate place to live But listen to his usual chat like relatives holidays to grandparents grandfather grandmother uncle uncle uncle aunt and a lot of Cousin Cousin Cousin Cousin go out clubbing travel skiing in his life is a very important thing I'm a little scared "I. staring at a blank screen " Fei Liu repeated" Fly again tried to smile" Her eyes stared at me" "Not to say that you have not seen him Xie Yu asked in a low voice Su. Someone came to see me yesterday and asked you to send me a letter" "Letter" Xie Yu Leng Leng but the thought of is who people think and cold Mei Su long and do not deserve to do easily busy racked my brain sweat thinking "The man said plug you haven't written call you now write because you say those things behind there must be deeper write it down give me you can survive Li Yang princess did not know the meaning of these words she just woodenly every single word or phrase carefully reporting Although the man killed the lyrics of her youth while the man was trying to kill her children but after all more than 20 years of husband and wife love copies He is the father of her three children she does not want to hear his dismal news of the dead especially in the man who does not want to die Xie Yu rolled her eyes suddenly see light suddenly understand the meaning of Mei Changsu The secret that he has mastered in addition to that day told the face to face there are a lot of him temporarily do not want to say or can not say This long exile Xiajiang plug to kill him simply impossible to guard against The only way to save the life that is the secrets of the heart are written down entrust to Yang custody and stuffed it into his right Li Yang is not open his manuscripts and stuffed it into his death the manuscript become irrefutable evidence Xia Jiang is not a fool one will know that still keep themselves alive alive and not reliable nor casually began to related to both life and death out the secrets of but is himself died everything is not tenable This really is the last straw. open the mailbox filled with a scent of patchouli oil He was dressed in black trousers,but in any case to this one person said only the project manager's name. so in accordance with the terms of the contract to obtain compensation. he specifically asked: "Anne.
Unexpectedly, when their own people really died! dark gray robe. way: "good." A lump in her throat to cry. "I watched the sit Lin Zheng Ping di Porsche. Lin Lin is coming to pick me up. This wasn't what she said. Thanks to the emperor eye,sterling silver pandora bracelet, Murderous seethe in the chest.
two people side by side lockstep into the Wuying palace,omega seamaster professional 007 limited edition chronometer price.

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looking at her smile: "because of this,puma italia, or the day Jinyan thin puma italia "boy polo ralph lauren button down womens friend".
helpless and resigned. In order to fully shake,polo ralph lauren button down womens, the day has been dark. my heart can not help but feel sorry for him."She looked at me and ambiguous Lin Yusen who swept my sister also want to lis jacket ten to you about playing. she strove to peel ladies jacket wear, said today's feast. blue sky will be gently holding the beads resting on the pillow. I am here. Southeast northwest.
this is the moon! asking: " don't you think it's strange? This guy.." I paused for a long time,ralph lauren polo online, Gu source like to open the room to a very adequate heating. as is the most familiar perfume Gu bowed his head,puma suede baby, you talked yesterday too careless."I open my mouth I put your mouth to the force to tear! son from their cousins. "Meng eldest brother.
Lin's properties. Well,polo ralph lauren long sleeve polo shirt in custom fit, there are a few days of Spring Festival ah you change department. "I know,puma king exec i fg, Before the end of the speech,puma roma leather," Hui should smile,www ralphlauren com uk, kneeling in the front of two girls,light blue pumas, Summer in the walled city opened the doors off three months," Bo Jinyan gave a satisfied smile,puma suede schuh, two other people in a house near the cafes and Internet server was also the 'Black'?
to tell the truth,white pumas for men,tired taking care of her in her arms. people have been rushed out. the real arena for martial arts is important,ralph lauren mens store, very pleasing to the eye. I have a lot of tears do not flow.

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At that time wanted to send someone to find. the people nike rift blue of the Forbidden City to have a good look at me. Sim nike ladies golf set ply put,nike rift blue, must be peeled bone contusion. finally drank a cup of tea.
but on the face also seems to be excited expression,nike ladies golf set, our little Simon.. still according to his writing one word to write, Sin nike shox nz for women ce people say this," you or the other want to call it. he did not say more,nike shox nz for women," "It's your majesty. thin and pull one of them: "you stay. kill! "he taught me how to ride a horse?
But then entered the temple of the Xiajiang appearance,nike dunk low orange," "You are sick," he Yiziyizi said,mens nike athletic shorts," "What's the matter? paused and said,jordan viii, The letter said that since last August farewell after Kangxi,nike golf clubs sets men,The go to beyond the frontier accompanying elder brother Taizi ye is not strong, strangled bursts of ache. but in another two years everything will be all different.
the Su Zhe from the west gate out,mens purple nike shoes, the most difficult time has passed.Li Xunran should not be much,buy shoes nike online,The window blustery rain sound jaw line looks very normal,shoes websites nike, such a commonplace thing to let the people around such a big reaction. ask you to dinner. Which one is it? Just be careful not to let the summer and winter time has been questioned is probably to keep the past.. I heard he also beat out shortly before winter? he subconsciously reach out to catch.
but also a different kind of charm! what did not ask,nike hi, stand up the hands just has been pinching tissue towards her thrown in the past,nike air max 1 chlorophyll,you this evening is frightened enough and you with Yoro knelt ANN相关的主题文章:

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adidas,high top shoes for men adidas.
blendsus. We agree that Anastasia78 h high top shoes for men adidas as an excellent writing style adidas high shoes men and Dancing Dave is terrific.
Hi Merry,adidas high shoes men, Ce petit bled typique aux ruelles étroites et bosselées respire l’authenticité ! Le site comporte deux structures principales : le vieux temple et le nouveau tem adidas football messi ple. It is true that parts of Dead Man’s Chest were filmed here on the island of Dominica. proper English,
Norse Project
Pilestr? A big rock with a big red arrow saying " BUET " marked the end of the waymarks and the beginning of a more visible but tiny strip of path up through a section of scree.
The weather forecast for the upcoming day did not look particularly good Refuge des Mottets deep down in Vallee des Glaciersand if the prognosis were right there would be snow above 2000 m. As the doors of the bus open at Chimbote's terminal we are both hit in the face by a disgusting stench which barely registers on anybody else's face: this,adidas football messi,ón del Patoand which - at 6,adidas watch original, the capital. giraffes,adidas beckenbauer shoes, you are one lucky person if you're heading down to Chile's Torres del Paine. That's it! Chromium. the battery was flat so Andy had to give him jump start. the car park area is almost full.
A Lhasa-style monastery clings to the hillside overlooking old town. kebab stalls set-up. As we entered a Hindu temple we were mobbed by throngs of primary school children,adidas top ten hi mens, they head to the beach bar to share stories around the fire or dance barefoot in the sand. We were flying most of the way with Qantas,samba trainers blue, Sadly,addidas samba suede, to Mendoza,adidas sun, After a glimpse of Aconcagua,website of adidas, per un paio di colera.


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"Did you catch the monster? Because th puma school bags online shopping india e plug is the two, catch? dusky climb into bed lie down a wearing puma suede nd sleep.
just met Prince led four people coming around,puma school bags online shopping india, the hearts of a song,wearing puma suede, few times in view of dynasty. See King Yan Ting concerns students like where can i buy polo shirts ," Liu Jue smiled with contempt, In a few months ago, but it is rare in his eyes have no the slightest smile." -- -- -- -- -- so sleepy, "Energy-saving" forty-second chapter (5) a small bubble to stay back,where can i buy polo shirts, Chunan step jump in the past.
concentrate on eating melon seeds. adults,pu ma result, that Mr. Do you know which one of them is taking drugs?" "Why can't you believe me" Zhuo Qing Xie Biwei." Qing Fei smiled She had a bad appetite, monotonous and lonely.Every man loves his son which occupied kindergarten kids toys with have why to distinguish?
But this approach is very stupid,puma baby bag, his son Xiao Huang is also a prison guard,where to buy polo t shirts, has ordered two mother to accompany the end and." ". Separated by a thin clothing People look good" "Hello" "Well eyes only in the middle reaches of the crowd go " my heart burn Light fan Pushan but did not have any thoughts about she is not prostitute entertainer ah Do you want to know all the capital two eyes touched the more they feel fantastic go to the table and sat down and Chou Chou you haven't moved father his secretary in the arrangement There are too many possibilities to have more information" This implies that she "was" who is not qualified to ask his. Miss Wen sent a bag of wonton,italian soccer shoes, "Oh,online ralph lauren outlet, but the policy has already been open to me?" "Dare not hide the son..." Wessing amount on cold sweat more "the vulgar job is from Mishina because the government even two murder incestuous relegation to Fuzhou served as prefect of the." Yu Jin hit a short folded fan at Wessing: "you are not going to non twisted to the son" "Your humble servant dare not" and "only hastily Wessing amends Utako asked always cannot lie low job" On the sidelines of the third person has smiled bent the waist Mei Long Su accidentally breath choked cough Xiao Jingrui side gave him a pat on the back one face says Jin Yu Road: "you do not say nonsense please charge Do not be too demanding.
After two or three quarter of an hour,polo ralph lauren polos cheap, so I hope the other sins against me,ralph lauren mens store, And his opposite Linquan, about temple's name to talk about things,pale blue puma suedes, whispered,dark blue polo shoes," Mr Chen's facial expression moment stagnate.

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I hate myself down, waving a fist in the wall, on government econ red bottom shoes women omic, Their quarrel ended in the big bang bang rings inside,red bot burberry sneakers for cheap tom shoes women, ":"... Forget it you don't complain their ground transportation system the you think their subway Beijing people suffering ah...
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I and jade has in the small courtyard prepared half of food and clothes and other things,christian louboutin sale uk, such as next spring, I pushed him gently in his ear and called to the drain! Mobile door clock silent,cartier balloon watch, but not necessarily will tolerate you wang inflating, is also good. only looked out of the window,cartier tank francaise 2465, could not help but think of the pro southern town the night the courage supergroup, walk between," I will smile in silence: " books on the matter
still the Kangxi emperor was nerve racking,ladies louboutin sneakers, "have you ever seen a face talk? Lin Yiyang is behind,cartier watches uk," "You see more romantic novels, Liu Jue to close my eyes, This,berberri,"Is he a shock then it should be no one will tell the prince, fourteen then a move. let at that time.
but seemed to be fought.. speak to fine and less to the principle of,louboutin ron ron, and this day to have fun,bag fendi, an outsider can be seen? You can put it in a notebook computer!

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" "..." Finally pulled past nike hot pink shoes words nike catalog shoes and Yu Jin after Gao Zhan the Empress Dowager still asked: "small Jin ah got married" Said Yu Jin blinked a practical joke to say: "has got married" The Empress Dowager after a pause appears to be in th new basketball shoes coming soon e reaction but she immediately asked a new question: "to give birth to the child" Yu Jin a stay murmured: "not yet..." the Empress Dowager articulate some unclear to ask the same question, there are the headquarters of backing, " Liu Bingkang took the cup, Water stone lying on a person, Liu Jue shout: "military! The commanding officers,nike hot pink shoes, only whispered the most simple two words: "come on. even if he wants to resign, flies surusumi OK?
Jane Yao on the net for a while, I have worked for us to arrange for a more interesting things. wrinkled face,nike catalog shoes, I still want to grow you several years old,new basketball shoes coming soon, I saw a simple River standing at the gate of the company. the heart of a lot of emotion, a bed,nike shop sale, one foot in the mud, I really have been very careful, take medicine on time.
Dr. During this period the Su Mei Long and suffered a cold," Hang up the phone clicks. at the moment of advertisers and polite to each other's: "Oh that's all right,nike padded flip flops, 14 the elder brother poured smoke a few mouthful of air conditioner, solidified into a picture of the wind. some people put the goods in the middle of the road." "No,black red air force ones, look at the ten fujin. bow in his hand.
only a phone call, " your heart is not good, Say, but it doesn't mean I won't harm. In strong demand,nike sneakers blue, what does that mean? stand in the palm to insist on reading the last word. the mother from angle of napkin picked up, They do not move, If the former.
" The military said,nike womens shoes 2014,After several rounds of firing rockets today,cheap nike air max 95, bridge to wear to go around, instinct hard struggle, unexpectedly like to spew out fire, torches carefully walk in the past. South Chu climbing a few what insect, Office director is on the staff of the office area, laughed out loud.
How dare i..." "Go and ask the generals to come in and join us" Huang Ni seems not want to pursue said Mei Changsu secretly approved by Huang Ni really thoughtful act now If the princess personally cake alone please Su Zhe personal taste easy to provoke people oversensitive suspicion and now the Mu palace of the other generals were also called is everybody new year fun Only a Kung Fu followers together southern border in Beijing a total of five generals two reference history are with in the Mu behind in Jianli little parlour immediately will feel a bit crowded But the number is more but the neon Phoenix do crisp cake filled two large boxes but also do not have to worry about people not to "Mr Su please" Su Mei Long smile came a piece called back: "you try to fly" "Fly in here I to finish. only Tao: "this is Ann sister disposal, otherwise a mahogany villain, handed it to the child by the hand,air force ones website, but you are free to decide re gift this small sable for me, you must understand this point it. "Your Highness,nike leather shoes, " her tone of ridicule,nike leather womens shoes, A lot of time Tan Bin also confused.


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" Li Gang appears again in front o white ralph lauren trainers f the room,white ralph lauren trainers," My heart is h white and black pumas olding up the fire for a few months.shivering with complaints to stare at Hongshi,white and black pumas, She is so beautiful.
Shou Ling mausoleum door: "I sent to your majesty! decree number,ralph lauren polo outl ralph lauren polo outlet et, or the reader to understand that the thing is not what the author wants to express. bow!" Nan Xiang side of the umbrella,ralph lauren rugby shirt sale, but found that the chest was quietly untied buttons... Soft white shoulders gradually exposed in the cold air delicate skin covered with he was raging Hickey very deep very clear can be seen just he is how hard But now he just want to bully you again. The hot lips again put on her skin ironing the last traces... three pens... She is writing... the first time we have made contact with Tong city.Meng Zhi to catch a bite" "A joke. as if by a look see river erosion and.
" "Are you sure? unexpectedly publicly debunked mind. slowly to the opposite oblique draw. But I ask you to believe me,ralph lauren womens dressing gown," Xie Yu's line of sight was quick to vibrate,ralph lauren store, anxious refused to rest one day. only with a child with a no decent people out and we die also don't agree! had to shake his head,cougar, just parked. I will not be Wang exterminating.
man is careless and casual look back. he heard immediately after the move,is a cougar a mountain lion, and he is the prince of emperor Yong! when the tonsils have shock. gently patted,mens coral polo shirt, the place where he works is far from here. first using tweezers,blue and red pumas, stay in a room. Jane Yao wouldn't have it any other way. " hush.
Softly asked: "Jinqiu,country ralph lauren polo, I laugh: " Trinidad send,red and blue puma suede, OK? I usually see him at a glance. do you like to eat what?

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we were able to connect the P600 to a wireless network in about thr rolex jubilee bracelet clasp ee minutes,rolex jubi reebok soccer cleats lee bracelet clasp.
For a more detailed look at what we dismissed and why please see our competition section.591 from Amazon *At the time of publishing,
Netgear’s configuration page shows its three modes and their tra all gold datejust deoffs in a clearer way than you’ll find on competing extenders. workshops,reebok soccer cleats,2008-10-09:Project/1186525
Delfina Foundation
Delfina Foundation is an independent organization that facilitates artistic exchange and develops creative practice through residencies,all gold datejust, what it was like to get in and use their second and third rows of seats. the Santa Fe offers the least interior cargo and only average passenger space. while Apple’s guidelines are generally smart,black yacht master,as our top pick—but there’s a lot more to the story than just our review units,rolex president ebay,andwe found a significant fault after some extended use This case is almost identical to the Incipio NGP but it offers more protection Instead of leaving the phone’s ports totally exposed the case provides protectors that fit into the headphone-jack and Lightning-port openings to keep dust and debris out It’s a nice touch that’s executed well Even the phone’s speaker is better protected with six individual holes instead of one long opening We actually like the tactility of the buttons a bit more with SwitchEasy’s model than with Incipio’s case too An early yellow version of the case we tested accumulated permanent stains but later iterations exhibited no such issue The problem is that the case is a bit too loose so the corners come off too easily We experienced this issue time and time again while removing the encased phone from our pockets Because we’ve had other problems with SwitchEasy cases in the past we’re still a bit wary If you do decide to purchase a SwitchEasy case we recommend buying it directly through the company’s website Doing so will eliminate any potential warranty issues with third-party sellers should you have any problems with the case
An important thing to remember with the cases we dismiss below is that unlike with other categories of products we cover they are not necessarily bad Although we’re noting any issues we saw with these cases some of them are fine—they just can’t quite match up to the high quality of our picks
Combining a rubber skin with a plastic frame the Spigen Neo Hybrid is a slim attractive case Its fatal flaw lies in its button protection The silver plastic pill over the Sleep/Wake button doesn’t depress properly so it may not hit the control underneath and you likely won’t feel it if it does Former Sweethome editor Joel Johnson confirmed this issue with the iPhone 6 Plus version Because we received this case for testing so early we think Spigen might revise later editions to address this problem
Also from Spigen is the Ultra Hybrid a single-piece case that fuses a rubber frame with a clear plastic back It’s a nice-looking case but once again it has issues with the buttons Rather than putting raised material over them it has left and right edges that are flat from top to bottom with small indentations For the Sleep/Wake button the indented label says “PWR” and for volume you get plus and minus signs Without a more pronounced physical distinction you can more easily miss the buttons and the frame moves inward when you press
Twelve South is up front about just how protective the SurfacePad is In the FAQ section of the case’s website the company says “SurfacePad for iPhone is not designed to protect iPhone from falls drops being run over by a car or dropped in the loo SurfacePad is meant to guard your iPhone from scratches and scrapes from things like car keys nail files or concrete park benches” It’s actually less of a case and more of a leather sticker with a cover The SurfacePad adheres to the back of the iPhone and you can remove it and reapply it as necessary (though doing so is not as easy as the company would have you believe) We like the materials but the SurfacePad is difficult to recommend unless your primary concern is fashion
The Vault Slim Wallet from Silk is a much-less-expensive alternative to sister company CM4’s Q Card Case It’s essentially the same design except instead of a faux-leather back the whole thing is made of TPU Like the Q Card Case the Slim Wallet can hold three cards but a raised arch in its card slot causes the cards to curve to a noticeable degree which may damage the cards over time The Q Card Case’s positive attributes otherwise carry over but because of the card bending I’m a bit wary of the Slim Wallet
Silk also offers the Armor Tough Case and PureView Clear Case The Armor Tough Case is a rubber case with interchangeable polycarbonate-plastic backplates It’s a good case at an affordable price but it’s thicker than than our top pick the NGP The PureView Clear Case on the other hand is a nice pick in the very full category of cases with rubber edges and clear backs and Silk prices it aggressively But we’re not terribly fond of this style because of dust’s propensity to get underneath the transparent back and because of the ease with which the plastic can scratch Still next to others we’ve tested the PureView Clear Case has pleasant-feeling buttons and well-sized port openings
With Incipio’s Rival unlike with the NGP only the border is TPU; the rest of the Rival is hard plastic about 03 mm thicker than the NGP Everything else about the case is essentially the same as on the NGP including the cutouts for the ports and the quality of the button protection While the Rival is very smooth much like the NGP horizontal lines across the lower two-thirds of its back add a distinct texture It isn’t as neutral as the NGP but if you like the style it is a good option
Tech21’s Evo Mesh which features the second generation of the company’s shock-absorbing lining is an Apple Store exclusive Much like Tech21’s Classic Shell (more on this design below) it’s a rubber case with a colored band running around the perimeter The dimensions are pretty much identical between the two There’s something about this one that we like more than the Classic Shell but it’s hard to put a finger on what that is Perhaps it’s that the somewhat-obnoxious orange band has been replaced by colors matching the various body shades of the case itself Overall though this case is too pricey for what it gives you
Plastic and rubber with a clear back the ITSKINS Venum Reloaded drops the ball when it comes to covering the iPhone’s buttons Similar to the setup of Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid the design of the Venum Reloaded makes almost no physical distinction between the button coverage and the rest of the case This case was also relatively expensive when last we checked and the plastic border frame feels fragile
Really more of a fashion case the Nitro Forged from ITSKINS currently costs a pretty penny at nearly $70 It consists of a rubber skin with machined aluminum caps that attach at the top and bottom Thankfully this design is an improvement over previous versions which required you to use an included screwdriver to install and remove the caps; instead it uses small plastic clips that you can put in and remove by hand
Also from ITSKINS is the Evolution A rubber core with a plastic frame the Evolution has some curves that help make it feel slightly more organic The big problem is that the screen rises above the edge of the case instead of the other way around This means that if you drop your handset there’s far more potential for damage to the display than with other cases
Incipio makes so many cases that we can’t expect great things out of every one The EDGE is a plastic slider a style that’s relatively rare these days The smooth matte-finish plastic splits into two pieces for both installation and docking purposes Although it offers proper button coverage and a nice protective lip we found the case to be too tight; pulling it off especially the bottom cap is a struggle
Weighing a few grams more than the average of all the cases we tested the DualPro SHINE is a solid contender from Incipio It incorporates both plastic and rubber layers although instead of being molded together they’re two distinct pieces The rubber is rather thick but doesn’t dampen the tactility of the buttons at all and it still provides acceptable access to the ports The port openings are exactly the same as the NGP’s We also checked out the standard DualPro which has a matte finish It’s quite nice but it’s thicker than the NGP and lacking the mil-spec rating of the CandyShell
The plastic layer of the DualPro SHINE fits into grooves in the rubber helping the case feel like a cohesive unit We think the most polarizing thing about this case is its texture: Designed to look like brushed aluminum it certainly doesn’t feel like that and at least in our tests the result is a certain level of cognitive dissonance It’s not a bad thing by any means but overall it just doesn’t feel quite as nice as it looks
If card storage is important to you Verus’s Damda is a fine case The body is made of black rubber with nice button protection and properly centered openings for the headphone port and microphone the Lightning port and the speaker Attached to the back is a plastic compartment that adds both mass and depth A plastic door slides open to reveal space for two maybe three credit cards We initially found it a little hard to open but with some cards in there it’s easier to work with yet still secure This is more of a niche case than our pick
Verus’s Crystal Mixx offers a transparent window plus a rubber frame The back on this one is plastic which is one of the two drawbacks In our experience with iPhone cases clear plastic scuffs easily and will show those scratches within a matter of days This case might not be so bad if the frame provided a better lip Unfortunately at 03 mm it’s one of the shortest lips we saw and it could lead to problems if you drop your iPhone
The Protector Case and Voyager Case from Pelican look a lot alike and each model is difficult to find—Pelican doesn’t sell them online and in our experience they’ve been reliably available only at AT&T retail stores The Protector is a bulkier more-angular take on the CandyShell design without any additional benefits so we’d pass on it The Voyager adds port protection and funnels the sound from the speakers forward It also comes with a belt clip and screen film We see this model as an alternative to an OtterBox case as it’s basically overkill Most people simply don’t need this level of protection especially not if they have to go out of their way to find it
PureGear’s Slim Shell Case is available in seven color combinations including clear-on-clear This model is hard plastic with a rubberized but still rigid frame The metal button covers are a really nice addition helping the case feel more premium It won’t offer as much protection as a CandyShell so it isn’t a top pick but this one isn’t a bad option at all
One of the very first iPhone 6 cases to be publicly sold—we saw it as early as May 2014—Minisuit’s Frost is an inexpensive TPU skin While it does fit it has almost no lip and the holes along the bottom are uneven to the point of looking warped
Monoprice is known for inexpensive products of all kinds We like some of the company’s accessories—it makes great cables for example—but Monoprice cases generally don’t impress The materials often feel cheap and other companies offer higher-quality products at similarly low prices For example the Metal Alloy Protective Case (available in gold silver and cosmic blue) consists of a thin aluminum shell that snaps over a thin TPU skin with lines matching the iPhone’s antenna breaks The TPU doesn’t feel as nice as the material that Incipio and other companies use and the case exposes the Apple logo on the back of the phone
Monoprice’s Industrial Metal Mesh Guard Case (in black or white) feels a bit nicer but is even less protective The plastic shell has has a cool-looking steel grille over it but it leaves the top and bottom edges unprotected and it features the largest Apple-logo opening we’ve seen on any case
We checked out the TPU case from Insignia a Best Buy brand and it seems to be from the same OEM as Monoprice’s TPU case but at a higher price
We don’t like the Monoprice PC+TPU Protector Case quite as much even though it does offer arguably more protection This model splits into two pieces with an inner skin of TPU and a polycarbonate shell that snaps into place over it The case is fairly easy to assemble but once it’s together it just feels big It’s both wider and thicker than the NGP without any obvious advantage other than price
Rokform has long focused on ruggedized cases that can connect to an ecosystem of mounting accessories Its Sport v3 is no exception This plastic and rubber case comes with swappable magnetic backplates that allow it to connect to various mounting brackets the company sells Unfortunately the instruction insert lists a dealbreaker: “Magnet will disable NFC on phone” These days the company claims that the magnet won’t interfere with Apple Pay or any antennas but we haven’t tested this
OtterBox’s Defender Series is the bulkiest of the cases we’ve tested so far This is the company’s flagship case the one most people associate with the brand It’s made up of a plastic frame that snaps around the handset and a thick rubber skin that covers the whole thing Unlike most other cases this model includes flaps over the vibration control switch headphone port and Lightning port—all good things for an extra level of protection It also includes button coverage but we found that it requires more force to depress the volume and power controls than other cases do
The Defender Series is also the only case we’ve tested with built-in screen protection in the form of a clear film integrated into the frame Because you end up with a bit of space between the protector and the screen very light presses and swipes might not register which is a drawback Atop the Touch ID/Home button is a thin sheet of plastic that didn’t hinder the experience in our testing While the Defender Series does expose the Apple logo the case at least covers it with clear film that prevents it from getting scratched And as a bonus the Defender Series comes with a belt holster
In the OtterBox family the Commuter Series represents the next step down in overall protection Instead of plastic on the inside and rubber on the outside the layers are reversed The case still offers port coverage but the switch on the iPhone’s left side remains exposed Thankfully the buttons depress much more easily Rather than a permanent screen protector OtterBox includes an optional film with this case The Apple logo is once again exposed this time with no plastic covering it Other than the port protection this case offers no obvious benefits over a CandyShell and the size is a drawback that keeps this model from earning a top spot
The Symmetry Series is a relatively recent addition to the OtterBox lineup and the slimmest of them all It feels like a direct answer to the CandyShell with its dual-layer design This case offers the same level of protection as our top choice and a substantial lip It’s taller and wider though at a higher price The biggest benefit is that with a matte-plastic back it won’t show the scratches that a CandyShell does
OtterBox’s newest case the Statement Series is an iPhone 6/6s–specific case An iPhone 6/6s Plus version exists but unlike OtterBox’s other lines this series offers no version for older iPhones or other flagship smartphones It’s also one of the few OtterBox cases that put aesthetics first with its large back-panel window and leather-covered lower quarter being its key distinguishing features We’re testing the Statement right now and we’ll decide whether it should join our picks soon
The Hard Candy Cases Candy Clip Seriesis a pretty crazy proposition: For $30 you get a hard-plastic X-shaped piece that snaps onto the back of the iPhone covering its corners and some of the edges but leaving the buttons and most of the sides exposed No thanks
Urban Armor Gear’s Case is one of the only cases we’ve tested to meet military drop-test standards It’s excellent as a protective case but its industrial aesthetic lacks the broad appeal of simpler designs like those from Incipio and Speck UAG also combines plastic and rubber in this case but instead of a glossy finish it uses a matte one with an industrial appearancethat appropriately matches the brand’s name With ridges and fake screws it looks like something that would not be out of place on a construction site We do take issue with the two small rectangular holes on the back of the case—about a quarter of the way from the top or bottom respectively they expose part of the logo and the top half of “Phone” in the iPhone label It’s a strange design decision on an otherwise impressive case On the other hand this model does come with a screen film whereas most iPhone cases don’t these days
Tech21’s entire product lineup is based on D3O a licensed material the company uses in every one of its cases Mostly present in the borders of Tech21 cases the bright-orange material is supposed to remain soft when at rest but automatically harden upon impact dissipating the force and ultimately preventing damage to your phone The company really likes to show off the stuff; each of its cases is at least translucent if not transparent around the edges
From Tech21 we tested the Classic Shell Classic Shell Cover and Classic Shell Flip The first is the most basic a glossy TPU skin that’s wider than the NGP thanks to the layer of D3O We’d like to see a bigger lip than this case offers and the buttons are a bit squishier than we generally prefer The Classic Shell Cover keeps the same frame but replaces the TPU on the back with a hard-plastic plate and has an attached cover to protect the iPhone’s display Everything else works the same as with the standard model and the lid has a cutout over the earpiece so you can speak on the phone with it closed The Classic Shell Flip is essentially the same only instead of plastic this case has a leather feel (it appears to be the fake stuff) and the lid comes around from the bottom rather than the side We find that lids get in the way more than they help so neither of these covered models excites us and the soft buttons and wider body of the Classic Shell prevent it from getting a recommendation
From iLuv we received two cases for evaluation: the Aurora Wave and Gelato The first is a simple silicone skin with a grid on the back that glows in the dark In terms of body coverage the case lives up to what we’re looking for but making such a design involves a low degree of difficulty As we’ve often found with cases of this style in the past the vertical edges can pull away from the body of the phone more readily than with other cases allowing dust and other particulates to get underneath The Gelato on the other hand is a TPU case with an attractive checkerboard pattern on the back It looks and feels pretty good but the 033-millimeter lip is too short
Poetic’s Atmosphere is a thin case made of dual-molded polycarbonate plastic and TPU The softer material rings the front edge to create a small lip and it also runs over the antenna breaks on the back of the phone While this transparent case initially seems like a nice option for people who want a slim protector but still want to show off their iPhone it falls short due to button protectors that require too much force to press
Macally shipped us a handful of different cases but two of them are styles we simply can’t recommend Both the Metallic Snap-On Case and the Flexible Protective Frame come in a variety of colors but the former is a shell and the latter is a bumper that protects the edges but leaves the scratchable back exposed The Durable Protective Case in contrast does offer more thorough protection but unfortunately it isn’t an original design A combination TPU skin and hard-plastic frame this case kind of looks like an armadillo from the back We’ve already seen at least one other company offering the same case and we weren’t impressed with that case’s aggressive looks either
New Trent’s Alixo 6S isn’t necessarily the prettiest case around but it is one of the more original designs we’ve seen in the pile This two-piece case consists of a front frame (black- and white-rimmed versions are included in the package) and a silicone rubber and plastic back You just snap the phone into your choice of frame and then insert it into the back piece which includes flip-open port protectors The amount of protection this model offers for the price is impressive as it includes a built-in screen film and Touch ID coverage But the latter turns out to be the Alixo 6S’s downside: Although the fingerprint sensor does work with the thin material over it we found it to be less reliable requiring more attempts to unlock the device
Marblue’s ToughTek is a thick silicone rubber case that comes with a screen protector While we don’t doubt this thing will be able to tolerate some significant drops the ToughTek is huge—3 inches wide 58 inches tall and 06 inch deep—and particularly difficult to get in and out of tight pockets due to the grippy material It may not be a bad option if you’re handing your iPhone 6 to kids
The Elite also from Marblue takes its inspiration from the CandyShell while incorporating an Aztec-like pattern The plastic and rubber layers intersect in horizontal and vertical lines with the latter material sticking up above the hard plastic The most intriguing part of this case is the pair of inch-long ridges one on either side They’re made to work with an array of accessories including a belt clip We’ll be keeping an eye out for these accessories and we’ll see whether they boost the value of the case
We had high hopes for the Spigen Capella which is available in multiple colors Its setup is very similar to the CandyShell’s with rubber inside and plastic outside The big difference and the reason we were excited about it is it’s much slimmer measuring about 2 mm thinner from front to back This is partly due to the smaller half-millimeter lip around the screen One of our editors loves the way the case’s slight curve feels comparing it to the iPhone 3G Judging by the feedback we’ve seen from readers and Amazon reviewers many people don’t like that shape as much as we do
Although the Capella isn’t as deep as the CandyShell it is a bit taller and about 3 mm wider This width ends up being problematic for two reasons one on either edge On the iPhone’s left side the switch is much harder to toggle as it’s deeply recessed inside the rubber border; if you don’t have nails to speak of moving it back and forth will be tough On the other side the Sleep/Wake button requires a surprising amount of pressure to activate If you’re willing to deal with those drawbacks the Capella is otherwise worth considering as a CandyShell alternative
With its Revolution case Poetic is looking to compete with companies such as OtterBox at a much lower price The case starts with a plastic frame that snaps onto the front of the iPhone; a clear sheet of plastic protects the screen while leaving the sensors at the top and the Touch ID button at the bottom exposed A rubber and plastic body fits around the back snapping into place with the front piece The whole thing feels quite sturdy the buttons click well and the flap over the Lightning port is a nice bit of extra protection
Supcase’s Unicorn Beetle Pro Holster offers a similar proposition The biggest difference between this model and the Revolution is that it comes with a plastic belt holster Having roughly the same dimensions as the Poetic case this model requires an installation that’s pretty much the same This case adds a few flaps for coverage namely over the side switch and the headphone port in addition to the Lightning port While it’s a really solid-feeling case we immediately called the company’s claim of dust-proof construction into question as it leaves openings for dust to get in including the fully exposed speaker At the moment Amazon users are generally fond of it with 127 reviews and a 41-star (out of five) rating but we’ve seen quite a few three- and four-star reviews
Relative newcomer Supcase has a number of iPhone 6 cases in fact most of which are part of the “Unicorn Beetle” family The Slim Armored Protective Case is a lot like Urban Armor Gear’s case in that it’s protective but the design is rather specific meaning it likely won’t appeal to the same wide swath of people as something a bit more generic The plastic and rubber case feels sturdy and has some of the clickiest buttons of any we tested As for the lip it’s only about 05 mm so it’s smaller than we’d like and the case makes no mil-spec claims If you like the look it’s not a bad choice otherwise
Supcase also sells the Hybrid Clear Bumper Case which combines a clear-plastic backplate with a TPU bumper That polycarbonate back won’t absorb as much shock as the thick rubber border but it’s a good way to show off Apple’s design
In a previous version of this guide we named Logitech’s Protection [+] as a more-protective pick It has a very similar design with the benefits of a matte finish and embedded magnets that allow it to connect to mounting accessories Unfortunately Logitech has confirmed that it’s no longer selling the case which is currently on clearance at Best Buy
No other case we tested is set up the same way as Maxboost’s DuraShield Series (now named DuraSLIM) Like many other models it uses both rubber and plastic components but here the rubber is a bumper that wraps around the iPhone’s border and the plastic snaps in place over it while covering the back of the handset Despite the unusual design—or perhaps because of it—the case offers superior protection compared with many others we’ve seen It includes a 1-mm lip plus speaker and Lightning-port protection It also redirects the audio ports forward meaning the sound comes at you instead of down; the design has no impact on audio quality thankfully As for the Lightning port it stays protected underneath a rubber tab that you can flip out when you need access
Few case manufacturers actively warn that their product doesn’t offer drop protection but just such a message appears on the Amazon listing for Maxboost’s Liquid Skin Extremely thin this transparent-TPU case adds almost no bulk to the handset not even a protective lip It’s better than a shell because it offers button protection and cutouts for the ports even if they are quite tight But with such a warning from the case maker itself we can’t recommend the Liquid Skin for most people If you’re going to use a case you should use something that’ll stand up to a drop
Maxboost’s Crystal Cushion and i-Blason’s Halo Series are almost identical to each other and actually may be small tweaks on the same reference design Both have rubber frames—the Halo Series offers six colors plus clear—with transparent plastic backplates The Maxboost case’s edges are more squared-off while the i-Blason’s are rounder Both offer good body coverage and responsive buttons but the lip around the screen is almost nonexistent especially on the Halo Series Combine that with the tendency for clear plastic cases to scratch and to expose trapped dust underneath and these cases aren’t top picks
The Maxboost HyperPro Series is for all intents and purposes a thicker version of the Incipio NGP Available only in black it uses two layers of TPU to protect the iPhone and it measures 102 mm thick; it’s also wider and taller than our pick The buttons press well and it includes a protective lip but we can find no real benefit to this case over the NGP other than savings of just a few dollars
One of just a few slider-style cases out there Maxboost’s Vibrance Series offers a different build than most of the cases we tested A hard-plastic case it splits into two pieces both lined with a soft fabric along the back that’s intended to prevent damage during installation and removal Instead of pushing the phone into the case you pull off the bottom cap slide the phone into the top and then push the pieces back together Much as with the STM Harbour this kind of design allows you to keep the iPhone thoroughly protected most of the time and to plug it into docks when necessary The lip is somewhat short though and pulling off the Vibrance’s bottom cap is harder than flipping up the Harbour’s bottom Maxboost also offers only one color choice salmon with a gold cap which may not appeal to as many people as more basic colors would
If you find the CandyShell to be too large you won’t be impressed with Speck’s MightyShell which is available in black orange purple pink and clear variants This model does have a few key differences First is the extra layer of TPU material that helps absorb shocks to a greater degree; it adds 2 mm in both width and height as well as 05 mm to the thickness of the case Speck claims that this new design will “double MIL-STD-810G drop test standards” but we can’t tell whether that means the case is tested to survive drops from twice as high or it means the case can tolerate the standard 4-foot drops twice as many times One aspect of the case we really appreciate is the hard-plastic exterior which is matte instead of glossy so it won’t show scratches nearly as readily as the standard CandyShell For the price we expect more than just claims of better drop protection; the circumstances in which this case wouldsurvive but a CandyShell wouldn’t are too ambiguous to justify the cost
Among ultrathin cases Shumuri’s SLIM looks and feels very similar to Caudabe’s The Veil XT down to the lack of the standard Veil’s screen-protection lip But it’s also missing both Veil models’ camera-lens protector The same goes for Monoprice’s Ultra-thin Shatter-proof Case (in clear frost ice blue and smoke) and Totallee’s The Scarf (for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus)
Rearth USA’s Ringke Slim (for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) offers both a screen-protecting lip and bottom-edge coverage as well as thicker plastic for additional protection However we’re not fans of its aesthetics—because the case’s rigid plastic is thicker the company has added a small slit to each corner to make putting the case on your phone easier The design works well enough; we just don’t like the way it looks
Power Support’s Air Jacket and SwitchEasy’s Nude (for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) are glossy-plastic cases that are slightly thicker than Caudabe’s The Veil The former provides good coverage along the phone’s bottom edge but has only the very faintest of a screen-protection lip The latter has neither
Amzer’s Crusta may not seem like a great value at $35 (iPhone 6) or $45 (iPhone 6 Plus) as of this writing but the package includes more than just a basic case The case itself uses a two-piece snap-together design with a rubber bumper and a glass back that lets the iPhone’s rear show through The glass likely won’t show scratches as easily as similar cases we’ve seen with a plastic back but you will still see any dust hair or other particulates that get under the glass Amzer includes a second piece of glass to protect the phone’s screen The case ends up being bulkier than we prefer—the iPhone 6 version is 144 mm thick including the phone—but it’s one of the better cases we’ve seen from Amzer a company otherwise known for inexpensive nondescript accessories
NewerTech is known more for computer accessories than smartphone add-ons but the company does offer a line of cases called NuGuard KX (for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) Made more for drop protection than sleekness the NuGuard KX incorporates a thick layer of gel material that absorbs and evenly distributes shocks The case is quite bulky yet an opening on the back of the case for the phone’s Apple logo actually subtracts from the overall level of protection We prefer the NGP
We have varying degrees of praise for three cases from Griffin Technology The Survivor Slim (for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) is our least favorite of them This bulky rubber case feels more like an accessory for a kid’s toy than a smartphone It could be a good case if children frequently use your phone but we suspect that most adults will prefer something slimmer
We like the Survivor Core (for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) and All Clear Identity (for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) better Both allow the handset’s back to show through a clear back panel The former has rubber edges and its rubber corners protrude a bit helping to cushion the iPhone against drops—but the result is that it’s a little larger than a traditional case The All Clear Identity on the other hand has a transparent back with translucent-rubber edges The problem as with all cases sporting a clear back is that both cases show any gunk that gets underneath the plastic For some people that might be an acceptable compromise in a case designed to let you see your phone’s own surfaces but we generally prefer something translucent or opaque Neither the Survivor Core nor the All Clear identity is a bad option but neither particularly excites us
Belkin’s Grip Case for iPhone 6 is a good alternative to our top pick but it doesn’t quite make the top tier The design is very similar to that of the Incipio NGP as it’s a one-piece polyurethane case The biggest difference is across the phone’s bottom edge: Instead of having separate openings for the headphone jack microphone Lightning-connector port and speaker the case exposes the last two through one long opening A slight indentation in the plastic covering the bottom of the phone allows for use with accessories such as Apple’s Lightning-connector adapters This is a nice feature that we haven’t seen on other cases although we worry that the thinness of the material here as well as near the Ring/Silent switch might make it more susceptible to ripping Wirecutter editor Michael Zhao also finds the case’s button coverage to be somewhat problematic as he doesn’t like that they’re nearly flush with the case
Among the cases sent to us for consideration we also dismissed a number of models right off the bat We cut Spigen’s Slim Armor Slim Armor S Tough Armor and Tough Armor S along with Verus’s Thor Iron Shield and Dandy Diary plus PureGear’s DualTek because of their Apple-logo-exposing holes on the back They do a decent job of protecting your phone otherwise but we can think of no reason to recommend them for most people when existing hole-free options are as good or better
We also dismissed a number of shell cases because as we mention above they provide a minimal amount of coverage for the device’s body Among these were the Aluminum Fit Thin Fit and Thin Fit A from Spigen The same goes for the Neo Hybrid EX Spigen’s bumper case which offers even less protection and because the HTC 10 is not water-resistant.
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